Dedicated Hosting VS Shared Hosting

dedicated vs shared hosting

When entering into Billioname, Web hosting is amongst the most noticeable categories of the website menu that catches your eye immediately. Here at Billioname, we are offering flexible and affordable hosting plans for the websites that choose to use us as their server. Moreover, for smaller websites, we are offering free hosting as long as the domain is active and is served by us. 

Now, more than ever, you might be interested in what web hosting actually is and how website designers should use it and benefit from its various opportunities. 

Web hosting is a business service, which provides websites with the space on the server for storing their files and being accessible on the Internet. There are different types of web hosting services, each of which has certain benefits and risks to consider. Two of the most common and widely used web hosting service types include shared hosting and dedicated hosting. 

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting in which a single client obtains dedicated resources of an entire server from the web host. This enables a full control of the provided resources for the company that is leasing the server. 

Dedicated hosting is very common especially for the websites, which have large traffic and are willing to take full control over the server. The great number of visitors of this kind of website urges the owners to ensure a seamless and outstanding experience for their clients to maintain their trust and sympathy. Hence, dedicated hosting becomes a preferable option as it comes up with certain benefits, which include the improvement of user experience and much more. 

What are the benefits of dedicated web hosting?

As we already got to learn, dedicated web hosting is the option preferred by larger websites. Having full control over a single server eliminates other websites’ access to resources of the owner’s website, which include the server’s RAM and CPU. This guarantees a smooth user experience, which will not be slowed down by other websites using the same server. 

Other than that, dedicated hosting enables custom programming. By this, it allows you to configure your server environment according to your own needs. A lot of flexibility for you!

Dedicated web hosting is also extremely safe. There is no need to worry about either your or your users’ data security. Since there are no other websites sharing the server with you, and your resources are dedicated solely to you, you are safe from probable attacks or data flows. 

In addition to all of this, you are able to own a unique IP address with dedicated web hosting. When sharing a server with other websites, the rank of your website is somehow indirectly dependent on the others, while in the case of dedicated hosting you are the only one responsible for your ranking, therefore, for your traffic, too. 

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is the type of web hosting in the framework in which a single server provides web hosting packages to multiple clients. Thus, these clients start sharing the server together.

Shared hosting is mostly recommended for blogs, private websites, personal portfolios, and the like.  It is the perfect choice for the ones who are new to the website creation process and want to achieve some good results. 

What are the benefits of shared hosting?

Shared hosting, as already known, offers multiple clients to use a single server. Hence, since these clients start sharing the server, the amount of money they get to pay for the web hosting service lowers. Thus, shared hosting is known to be a very affordable option. So, if you are new to designing a website, shared hosting would require the least investment and will save a good amount of money. 

Besides being affordable, shared hosting also minimizes the effort of the website designers for controlling the entire server. The web host does it for all the websites that are using the server, therefore, no need to worry about server configurations. 

Several domains with shared hosting! You don’t need to allocate a whole new server if you are willing to create multiple domains. Shared hosting enables you to do that easily and effortlessly. You save time, effort and money. 

Dedicated hosting VS shared hosting

Now, when already familiar with these two types of hosting, we will evaluate the strengths and the weaknesses of the both, and you can find out which one would be the more suitable option for you. 

If you are new in the business for which you are willing to design a website, you probably care about pricing slightly more than the larger and more developed businesses. In this case, shared hosting will be the way to go. Since dedicated hosting provides more resources and more control, its pricing is higher than that of shared hosting. Shared hosting, instead, is a much more convenient option if you are a smaller business. Here at Billioname, we offer web hosting packages, which combine the low price and the high quality in one place. You can even get a completely free hosting in case your domain is active and is served by us. If you are looking for bigger storage, Bandwidth and more, start using our $2.54 monthly plan, and grow to reach the $4.24 Professional, $6.14 Webmaster and $16.74 Ultimate plans. 

If you have a big business, and are willing to boost your traffic consistently by providing a smooth and fast user experience, dedicated hosting would be a better choice. Unlike shared hosting, being the only client of your server, you will have full control over it, which will eliminate the chances for any other websites to slow down your processes. 

Lastly, if you care about having more resources and possessing all the user data and information, dedicated hosting should be your option. However, if you are willing to create multiple domains in a single server, you should engage in shared hosting. 

To sum it up, the type of web hosting service you are choosing highly depends on your aims and ambitions. Try your best to clearly understand the long-term goals of your business and to select the best fit for you using this information as a hint. 


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