Domain name parking

domain name parking

We commonly deal with domains when creating a website. We try to find the best domain names to represent our website under that name. There are, however, other ways in which one may utilize domains. Here at Billioname, we are investigating all the profitable techniques and tactics to implement with domains. In this article, we are going to explore one of those tactics, domain parking. 

What is domain parking? 

domain name parking

Domain parking represents registering a domain for no purpose of associating it with any website or email address. To put it in simpler words, to park a domain means to purchase a domain and not use it for any particular purpose such as a website name. 

Domain parking might seem meaningless at first glance. Notwithstanding this, it is quite popular in the tech world, and many people do domain parking to generate income. You may wonder how it is possible to generate income from a domain that is not being utilized anywhere and is not functioning.

Why do people do domain parking?

Generate income

There are two different types of domain parking: monetized and non-monetized. 

Monetized domain parking is aimed to generate revenue, while non-monetized domain parking represents the purchase of a domain to secure it to soon launch a website using that domain. 

To launch a website soon

If you are someone who is going to launch a website soon and you already have a clear and definite idea of the domain you want to use for your website, you might want to secure that domain to make sure nobody else purchases it. In this case, since you haven’t connected your domain to a web host like Billioname yet, you may choose to park your domain.

To make domain flipping more profitable 

If you haven’t heard of domain flipping, this would be a helpful article to skim over. In a sentence, domain flipping refers to buying domains at a cheap price to sell them later at a more expensive price and make a profit. The process seems easy, however, some steps of it, such as finding a buyer for your domain, might take a long time. Hence, during that time, when the domain you have purchased is not sold to anybody yet and is not active by being connected to a web host either, you can park it and earn money through that. 

To earn money through the websites that you are not using anymore

It might be the case that you are no longer using your website, and it is not bringing you any revenue. You can still make income out of it by choosing to park it until the time it expires. 

How does domain parking work?

Now, when you are already aware of the benefits domain parking can bring you, it is the ideal time for us to understand how it works. It is not a very sophisticated process. 

After you acquire the domain you want to park, you then need to match the name server settings with the registrar of the domain to resolve the domain address into a parking page. On the parking page, you can place the advertisements you want your visitors to see and click on. For every single click, you will be receiving parking revenue. 

You want to conduct thorough research to understand what would be the fields that can attract the visitors of the domain to click and to view the most. According to your research, you will be able to place proper links and get more clicks on them. 

What are the best domains to conduct domain parking with?

After knowing the method of conducting domain parking, you may now be interested in acquiring the type of domains, which would recommend as big an amount of traffic as possible. Here are some pieces of advice regarding this!

Expired domains

Expired domains are some of the most guaranteed sources for the traffic of domain parking. Since they have been previously used, they have been having some consistent amount of traffic and a certain number of visitors who knew about them. Therefore, choosing an expired domain might be particularly advantageous since many people would search the domain on the web hoping to enter the previously existing website and will end up on your parking page where you should place relevant advertisements to grab their attention. 

Misspelled domains 

Hundreds of people misspell the web addresses of the websites they are willing to enter. As a result, they frequently end up somewhere with plenty of ads. This is because some people know how to park domains! Choosing a misspelled version of a popular website address may guarantee some good traffic, too. It is very often that people type double z and enter instead of! 

Do the research!

Ultimately, if you are feeling excited and prepared to start parking some of your domains right after you are done reading this article, there is one more thing I want to stress for you: do the research. 

Domain parking is not time-consuming, neither is it complicated or heavy. Instead, it requires some thinking at the beginning and some effort, too. Try to find the best domains to use, look for their histories on if they are expired. If they are fresh and new, make sure they have relevant keywords and are attractive. 

Final thoughts 

Now, you are ready to rock it! Whether you are aiming for domain flipping, or your upcoming website is taking a little bit longer than it was supposed to, or maybe you have regretted launching a website and are waiting for it to expire, park the domain now! 

Domain parking is a great way to earn money by using a domain you do not need anymore. It will not harm any of the other businesses you are involved in. Neither will it take your time or energy. Just do the research once, and you are done for the rest of the process!


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