How much does a domain cost?


Look up at the address bar of this page. The “” part you see in the beginning is our company’s domain name. 

Similarly, the text after the “HTTP(s)://www” part you see on all the websites, usually ending with the .com extension, is called a domain. When creating your website, you will need to purchase one for you as well, and this article will help you in that. 

A few terms related to domains before we continue:

  • TLD or the top-level domain is the ending part of the domain. In our case, it’s .com, but you can also see .org, .net, .edu, and other TLDs on the net. 
  • SLD or second-level domain is the actual name for the domain. It’s located right before the TLD. In our case, it’s Billioname.

What are the cases I may need a domain name?

  1. If you do not want to see a long and illogical combination of letters and numbers in your website address bar, you need to purchase a domain.
  1. If you have a unique concept for your business with an original business name, you may consider ensuring that others will not take this name on the web. For that, you need to register the company domain name. 
  1. Some people buy and sell domains, benefitting from the domains’ price increases parallel to their popularity. If you feel you have the talent to guess which domains will become popular in the future, why not? 

Does the domain name impact the success of my business?

In this article, we concentrate on cases where you need a domain to create a website for you or your business. And yes, the domain name impacts the success of your business. 

Firstly, the website is an equal unit of your company like your production factory, stores, service centers, etc. You can’t write different names on all of them since they all represent the same company and strive to get solid brand recognition in your customers’ eyes. 

Following the same logic, the website belonging to your company can’t have a different name. As the most basic reason, how can the internet users identify your company website or find you with a different name?

If the domain of your exact company name is busy, you should at least choose an option closer to it and the overall company branding, design, and strategy.

Other than the mentioned, the domain name will also influence your SEO success, especially if your domain name contains industry-relevant keywords. There is no proven way of how the keyword in the domain can affect your rankings, but it serves as a certain relevance factor. 

How much should I be prepared to spend on a domain name?

I dare consider that you should not doubt purchasing a domain at this part of the article. So, how much does a domain cost? 

Don’t be surprised to read that the domains’ cost range is [4$; ∞], as it depends on whether you create a new name or acquire an already existing one

New and existing domain names can be otherwise referred to as registered and non-registered ones. You should refer to the domain availability search function of your chosen registrars to clarify that. 

If the domain was not registered before and you are the first to use it, you will not spend much on it. The majority of the registrars offer domains costing 9-30 $ a year

If you are principal to acquire an already owned domain, you appear on the aftermarket domains, also called premium domains. Here, there is no price regulation as it is the subject of the domain owner’s decision, and the popularity & goodwill of the domain transferred to you. 

The infinity sign as an upper limit of the domain cost is not exaggerated, as you may receive offers with huge numbers for certain domains. As an historical back up of my words, “” was sold for 90 mln $, “” for 35,6 mln $, “” for 18 mln $, etc. 

To buy a registered domain, you should personally contact the domain owner. In this regard, it’s a good idea to participate in domain auctions. 

Where can I buy unregistered domain names?

Luckily, you are on the website, which can not only guide you on how to acquire domains, but also offer domain registration services and domain transfer services. 

Head to our Home page to search for the available domain names and pricing. As in all other registrars, the domain prices in Billioname depend on the TLD you choose. 

The “See More” button will take you to the enlarged list of pricing for different top-level domains you might choose. 

Note that you will further pay a yearly renewal cost of the domain, which, in general, doesn’t add much to your expenses but is still a thing to consider. 


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