How much does a domain name cost per year?

Get a fundamental understanding of how much it would cost to purchase a domain name for a year and where to buy it.

Domain name cost

This piece will give you a fundamental understanding of how much it would cost to purchase a domain name for a year. We will provide you with suggestions to be aware of all of the peculiarities that define domain name costs. 

Before we dive into cost details, let’s first understand what domain names are.

A domain name is an address you type in your website browser URL bar to access a website. In other words, it is the understandable form of your IP address. Since it is nearly impossible to remember sophisticated, long IP addresses, domain names are created to make it much easier to identify and access different websites. 

For instance, to access your Gmail, you will type “” in your browser’s address bar, which is Gmail’s domain name.  Similarly, to find us in the future, you would type “” 

Metaphorically, if your house is your website, then the domain name would be the address of your house. It is through a domain name that people find access to your website. A registered domain name belongs to a particular website and cannot be applied by any other website. 

Remember that your website and the domain name for your website are not the same. You can change your domain name as many times as you wish while maintaining the same website and vice versa. Your domain name will not be attached to your website forever unless you continually prolong its registration.

Is domain name that important?

Yes! The domain name can play a crucial role in your website’s overall success.

  • A unique domain name will distinguish your website amongst billions of other websites in the marketplace. 
  • Your customers will be able to find and verify your website easily. 
  • Domain names affect the way customers perceive websites. Usually, users don’t trust not clear, confusing domain names. 
  • A domain name exactly as or similar to your business’s name strengthens the brand’s online presence.
  • A well-chosen domain name is an effort to make your website memorable.

The types of domain names and the price differences between them

There are millions of domain names worldwide, so there is no wonder that the demand would be much higher and costly for specific domain names. Some domains can even reach up to millions of dollars. Factors such as domain type, domain registrars, availability, etc., can significantly affect the domain name’s price. 

First, let us talk about the various types of Domains. 

Top-Level Domains(TLD) are domain extensions that appear at the top of the domain name structure. Instances of top-level domains are .com, .net, .org, etc.

  • Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD) are two-letter domain names that signify geolocation. They end with country-specific code extensions such as .us for the US, .it for Italy, .in for India, to name a few. 
  • Sponsored Top-Level Domains(STLD) are domains that specific organizations and communities sponsor. For instance, .edu is used by educational institutions, .org is for non-commercial organizations, etc. 
  • Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) are perhaps the most recognizable and memorable types of top-level domains out there. This category includes but is not limited to TLDs like .com, .net, .info. 

As you may see, different TLDs can convey additional information about the primary purpose of your website. Take into consideration that sophisticated, lengthy TLDs will be less likely to be remembered by customers and will perform less effectively. 


Now that you are aware of domain types and their performance, you can finally purchase your own. First, find out whether the domain you want is available. Don’t worry, as it will take seconds. With Billionaire, you can simply type the domain name you wish in the search box and check all of the options. 

Domain Registrar

The domain registrar you choose is substantial for the expenses of your domain name. Different registrars have different policies and prices.  Billionaire provides more than 500 TLDs, so you will definitely find a perfect option. Also, here you can find the cheapest, easiest, safest ways to register the domain name of your choice. Consider that the prices may differ depending on the type of domain. For instance, the annual price for .net TLD registration will cost you $16.31. For a game TLD, you will have to pay a much higher price, around $362. 

You can check out the costs of each domain type in the Domain Pricing section.

Renewal of a Domain 

Take into account that choosing a domain and paying the registration costs are just the initial steps of the process. Remember, your domain name will not last forever, and you will need to update the registration contract over and over. Each domain registrar has specific policies and rules regarding the expiration and domain renewal processes. If you intend to maintain your domain name for the long run, keep yourself notified about contract expiration dates and the renew options you have. 

 Here are some details of the renewal process with

With the yearly package, you will be reminded of your domain name’s expiration date two months prior to the expiration date. You will receive the notification at your e-mail address.

After that, you will find another notification one month before the expiration date.

 If you don’t meet the deadline to renew your domain name, it will become inaccessible.

Still, Billioname will give you a chance to renew your domain name status within 45 days. We highly recommend not to leave the renewal of your domain name to the last minute as there is a real threat that you might lose it. Remember that the market is quite competitive, and other websites might have been waiting for the availability of your domain name for months. 

The renewal of your domain name may cost differently than the primary registration process. For instance, renewing .com, TLD will cost you up to $13. Once again, the pricing differences between the registration of the domain name and the renewal process also depend on the domain type. 

Remember that you can not only purchase but also sell your domain name. Domain names that cost a couple of dollars today may cost thousands of dollars in the future. There are entire multi-million industries built on domain name resales. This is one more reason to prove that buying a domain name is worth a try.  


Different domain registrars have different approaches when it comes to privacy. While registering for a domain name, you will be asked to provide personal information, including phone number, address, Gmail, etc. Therefore, pay special attention to security systems when registering your domain. 

With the WHOIS privacy service, Bilioname keeps your personal information private. The security will be provided to all of the registered domains for free regardless of the domain type and price package. 

A domain name can have a substantial role in the success, recognition, and visibility of your website. We genuinely hope that our suggestions and advice would help plan your budget for domain name registration.


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