How to buy a used domain name?

how to buy a used domain name

When creating a website, the first thing you should focus on is its domain name. The domain name is what represents your website to the public and matters significantly from the perspective of bringing you traffic and popularity. 

Having said that, the importance of a domain name makes it a valuable asset for your website. Therefore, you should be ready to invest some big amount of money, if necessary, to purchase the best domain you can think of for your website. 

Before learning about where to find the perfect domain for your website, let’s first take a quick look at how to come across one. 

How to choose a domain name?

  • Choose a domain name that identifies your brand. It is common for website owners to turn their domain name into a trademark. This might be the case for you, too. Hence, make sure to choose a domain name that will illustrate the mission of your brand as much as possible. 
  • Make sure your domain contains relevant keywords. In addition to the advertising and other methods you will be implementing to bring traffic to your website, you may also do it with no cost by just choosing a domain name that involves relevant keywords. Choose a domain, which contains highly ranked keywords in your product’s or service’s field. That would be the first thing people will type in their search bars. Bring some truly interested visitors to your website through a wisely chosen domain name. 
  • Make it short! The easier your domain is to recall, the greater the likeliness is for your visitors to type it on their search bar. The shorter your domain name is, the easier it would be for your visitors to recall it. Hence, try to keep it simple and short. Use the keywords that require the least amount of effort to remember, and base your domain name on them. 

How to buy a domain name that is already taken?

When you have come across the ideal domain name for your website, you may now proceed with finding it and setting your website up. However, this can be tricky and challenging. 

It might often be the case that your preferred domain name is already taken. You are very likely to encounter a situation like this, since there are millions of websites around the web, and another website owner might have had your idea earlier than you did. 

Other than this, many domain names are occupied because of domain name flipping. There are individuals or companies that are deeply into domain name flipping. They do market research to find the most attractive domain name names that are not taken yet and purchase them. Afterward, they sell the domain name to the people who are willing to use it for their new websites. Thus, there are two main sources where you can find a domain name that is already taken.

Reaching out to the domain owner

As explained above, other people might have purchased your desired domain purposefully to sell it to the website owners like you at a higher price. Hence, one way for you to buy the domain from them would be to contact them directly. You can find the domain owner’s contact information by looking it up in a WHOIS Directory. If you are unable to find them on WHOIS, which means they have chosen not to list in the directory, type the domain and try to look for their contact information through the brought results. 

After you have reached out to the domain owner, you should proceed with negotiating for a price. To mention it again, you should be ready for some substantial investment, whether you are purchasing the domain as a result of domain flipping or you are buying it directly from someone who uses it for their own.

Looking for a domain in the marketplace 

Another way to find a domain would be through searching for it in the marketplace. Billioname is the place to look for! Just type the domain name in the search bar of Billioname. If there is already an offered bid, try to negotiate over it. If there is none yet, make your offer and proceed with purchasing. 

Things to consider when buying a used domain 

The process of purchasing an already used domain can come up with many difficulties. Thus, there are a couple of tips to follow when getting into the process.

Make sure your chosen domain name is not a trademark 

If another company is using the domain as a trademark for their business, getting it for you would not only be inefficient but also might make you face legal problems.

First, using a domain name as a trademark would identify the owner company’s brand. Therefore, the purchasing company would be unable to identify themselves under the already well-known domain. 

Second, if your domain name is registered as a trademark, you will be legally unable to use it. 

Thus, double-check to ensure your domain is not a registered trademark. 

Ensure the security of your money transfer 

When you buy a used domain name, you might be hesitant about the process of transferring money. You may be worried about whether the domain owner will provide you the domain name after you send them the money or not. Thus, it would be safer for you to conduct the money transfer process through This would ensure the security of the transfer by keeping your money until the domain owner provides the domain to you. 

Last thoughts 

To sum it up, you should first spend some time making a wise and well-thought decision regarding the domain name you want to purchase. Afterward, look for the domain in the marketplace and contact the owner of the domain, if you find any. Negotiate over the price having done thorough research before that stage and having evaluated the worth of the domain beforehand. Double-check to ensure the domain is not a registered trademark, and you will be free of legal issues. Lastly, complete the purchase in a safe and sound environment by transferring your money through a system, which assures the domain owner will not receive your payment until you obtain the domain from them. 

When done with all of this, enjoy your new website!


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