How to ensure domain security?

How to ensure a domain security

To ensure the security of your domain, choose a strong password, conduct careful research to find the most reliable and experienced domain registrar, and renew your domain on time to avoid losing your domain name. 

What is domain protection and why do you need it?

When creating a website and registering a domain, the owner of the website is required to provide their personal data for the further processes of website creation. This data is being saved in the WHOIS database. 

As your personal information (your address, your phone number, etc.) becomes available on the WHOIS, the hackers start looking for ways to access it after having identified you as a website owner. 

Domain privacy protection is meant to help you avoid the theft of your personal information and ensure the security of your domain and data. 

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What are DNS attacks?

The DNS (Domain Name System) has the function of turning the familiar domain names inserted during the domain registration into numbers to be legible by the computer. 

Registrar hijacking is one of the most common DNS threats faced by businesses on the Internet. 

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The domain name is sold to the website owner by the registrar. After buying the domain, the website owner faces various risks related to the security of the domain. Registrar hijacking occurs when an unauthorized individual or company obtains the personal information of the website owner through illegally accessing the registrar. 

Why activate domain privacy protection?

Personal information protection

The main incentive to get domain privacy protection is to ensure the security of your website. This is one of the first steps you should take as a website owner when submitting your information to your registrar. 

Locking up your account through a password will create an obstacle for the hackers to enter into the WHOIS database and to access your information. 

Having easy access to your personal information represents another danger, too. The hackers might gather your information and provide it to third parties for various purposes. This can put your security under a higher level of danger. 

Elimination of undesired internet traffic 

In the case of an insecure domain status, the inflow of the attackers might increase over time. This will bring up unwanted traffic to your website, which might bother you from evaluating the true SEO results your website has been experiencing. 

A properly protected domain would guarantee the coordinated access of the visitors and would make sure no risky user is accessing the website or the database of the website. 

Less spam!

Protecting your information saves you from getting scam calls or receiving spam emails from probable attackers. Your company’s details and your phone number and email address are secure and are not available to anyone in case of an installation of domain protection. 

How to ensure domain security?

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Choose a strong password 

The stronger your password is, the safer your domain is. You may face data security threats and risks in case of choosing a weak password for your domain. Avoid choosing passwords that are easy to guess. This involves a random series of numbers, letters, or common words. Try to use a variety of symbols in your password. Include numbers, letters, punctuation symbols, etc. This will make it harder for anyone to access your information. 

Research carefully before choosing your registrar

The security of your domain depends not only on you as a smart and cautious website designer but also on your registrar. When choosing your registrar, make sure they provide advanced customer service by supporting you to solve the issues you might encounter during the activation of your domain. 

Here at Billioname we guarantee the security of your domains, demonstrate our readiness to assist you with any question you may have, and suggest the most flexible and affordable hosting packages for your website, including the free domains for small businesses. 

Don’t forget to renew your domain

If you manage to gain some reputation through the provision of your goods or services and to earn the trust and the sympathy of your customers, it is more than important for you to maintain the name with which you have familiarized them with your company. This is why you must register your domain for the longest period possible, and make sure to renew your domain when it is about to expire. Otherwise, another company may buy your name. In this case, not only will you lose the popularity you gained with your previous name but will also face the risk of getting confused with the other company that buys your domain. 

Get similar domain names

To stay away from possible misspellings and to maintain the website availability regardless of them, it is recommended to either open websites with similar domains or use the same domains with different top-level domains. 

Final thoughts 

Domain security should be your priority starting from the moment you decide to go online. When assessing the risks of your business, you should consider the possible dangers the digital world involves. For facing these dangers with dignity you would need to protect your website accordingly. Therefore, investing in your domain’s security is something you should undoubtedly consider. 

The biggest advantages domain protection would provide you involve personal information protection, elimination of unwanted traffic, limitation of embarrassing spam emails, etc.

Ultimately, to ensure the security of your domain, you should conduct careful research when choosing your registrar and make sure you can be in contact with them all the time. The issues you may encounter as a website owner should be equally shared by your domain registrar, and they should be the place to go in case you are in urgent need of assistance. 

Choose a solid password with sophisticated characters, and make sure to renew your domain name when expired to avoid losing your authenticity. 

If you have followed these steps and taken care of all of them accordingly, the security of your domain will be guaranteed!


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