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The process of getting any domain is the same, regardless of it’, .com, .net, etc. You should decide on a name and register it on the domain registrars. The steps for doing so are described in more detail further in the article. 

However, .org top-level domain (TLD) has deeper meaning and history compared to others. The answer to “How to get a .org domain” lies more in what characteristics should your company have for that

When is it appropriate to use .org TLD?

I used the word “appropriate” instead of the word “mandatory” because there are no certain restrictions on who can acquire .org. 

However, .org is deeply pictured in internet users’ brains as the domain for nonprofit organizations. It was one of the first introduced domains to the public, which got wide popularity since the mid-1980s. The popularity and existence history of .org domain is almost similar as for .com, .edu, .gov, etc. 

From the beginning, each of the domains transferred the company’s idea behind the website. .com stood for commercial organizations, .edu and .gov indicated educational and governmental organizations, respectively. 

As mentioned above, .org indicated nonprofit organizations and is associated with organizations of charitable missions. 

So, coming to the main question of this section, it’s appropriate to get a .org domain for your website if you are creating it for:

  • nonprofit websites
  • charity organizations
  • artistic or scientific pages
  • social, cultural, and religious sites, and similar

If you see a .org at the end of the website domain, it is probably owned by a club, incorporated or unincorporated nonprofit organization, association, family, individual, school, foundation, etc. 

There also might be cases of two similar domains belonging to the same owner ending with .com and .org. Many companies do so by dividing the commercial and charitable sections of their company. 

What will happen if I use .org for the profit website?

No one will ask you to submit any proof documents that your organization is nonprofit before you can get a .org domain. But you should consider the good and bad consequences of acquiring it for a profit organization. 

Let’s look at the question from user’s attitude and SEO as the main two factors you should carefully consider when choosing a domain. 

People have a high perception that a website ending with .org does not chase commercial goals. They click on such websites to find some public benefits information, service, product, event, etc.

Therefore, if they click on the .org website and see an ordinary commercial business, they will be at least confused. Moreover, more educated and informed ones will consider that as a deliberate action to confuse them. 

From the perspective of SEO, there is no big difference if the company ends with .com or .org since they both are very popular. There is no such rule that .com TLD is a better ticket to the highest ranks in Google. If you do a good SEO on your .org website, it can still come up to good SERP positions.

However, note that all the content, keywords, and activities of your website will be commercial so that people will see your website near to other similar ones ending with .com. Again, it’s not a proven fact, but users will probably hesitate to click on the rare .org website near to many .com ones.

How to get a .org domain for your website?

If you are certain to get one for your website, here is how you can do it. 

The process is not much different from registering other domains. Perhaps, the difference can be that not all domain registrars will offer a .org domain. However, the most popular of them will almost certainly do it.

You are currently on the page to get a .org domain for your website with one click. Follow the several simple steps to do it. 

Step 1 | Decide on a domain name

What will you put before the .org top-level domain? Note that for consistency and a more formal impression on the users, it’s good to choose the same name for your organization and website domain. 

Search your option on the “Domain name” section of the home page. If the domain is busy, you can either contact the domain owner to purchase it or choose another and closer option. 

Step 2 | Head to domains’ list 

Filter the TLDs to see all the available options with .org. This step will give you the below picture, with the Registration, Renewal, and Transfer services. Decide on the exact .org domain you will purchase for your website. 

Step 3 | Scroll down to Billioname packages to choose one

You have monthly and yearly subscription options. Each package is described in detail with all the related information other than just purchasing the domain. 

When pressing the “Buy” button of any package, you have the option of registering a new domain. Tap it, and enter your chosen and available domain in the special row. 

Step 4 | Proceed with the payment

Further, all the actions are similar to other online purchase procedures. You will have the domain and all the related support services available to you until the end of the registration period. 

We are always happy to organize your domain renewal after the end of the one year! 


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