How to launch a new website?

how to launch a new website

Why do you need a website for your business?


You may take time to research some giants’ stories when they started their businesses back many years ago. If you pay close attention, you would notice that their success as open retail stores started seeming unsatisfying with the blooming of digital media. 

Namely, world-famous companies like Starbucks, Sephora, Under Armours, would not be who they are now if they did not shift from traditional to digital media on time. 

For example, Starbucks used to be a cozy place to hang out around a small coffee table. Now it has turned into the fastest coffee delivering service in the U.S. It is, therefore, not surprising to notice that around 29% of Starbucks’ sales come from orders made through an online app. 

Sephora fits its in-store experience with the innovations by offering beauty assessment services and other attractive stuff to its customers through its website. 

It becomes obvious, then, that no matter how creative, worthy, and captivating your idea is, you would be unable to achieve any tangible success without adjusting it properly to the standards of digital media. 

Having a website would allow you to

  • promote your goods and services to the segment of customers who are unable to access your retail locations 
  • generate revenue from online orders 
  • communicate with your customers through announcements and messages, and receive feedback from them 
  • go viral and gain more popularity through rankings in search engines and promotions on social media. 

How to launch a website?

Having already identified some of the major benefits of representing your product or service through a website, it is now time for us to evaluate the techniques and strategies to design a competent website. There are a couple of steps to be taken carefully and thoughtfully for a successful website launching.

Preparing a strategic plan 

strategy for launching a website

You can refer to launching a website as a starting project. You need to plan the steps accordingly, define the target audience of your website, set up appropriate website categories, and, of course, have a clear idea of the content to be presented on the website. 

Your strategic plan will be your guide during the entire time you would be running your website. Even when you blossom so much your traffic is spontaneous and your product hits the tops of the sale, you still need to stick to the tactics you had as part of your plan. Having a clear plan helps to coordinate the processes of a website more efficiently. 

Choose a solid domain name

deciding the domain name

The first thing people will create an impression of your website with would be its domain name. Thereby, you should spend a considerable amount of time choosing an influential domain name. 

There are some things to remember when thinking of a website domain name.

  • It should identify your brand. If your brand is already popular, and your website is meant to bring its in-store success into the digital world, using your brand name as your domain would be a perfect choice. 
  • If possible, it should include relevant keywords. If the above is not your case, the next preferable option might be choosing a domain name with a keyword associated with your business. This will illustrate the mission of your website better and will make the visitors more attracted to your website content. 
  • It should not be too long and should be easy to remember. If somebody visits your website for the first time, you want them to remember your name as effortlessly as possible. Hence, you do not want your website to have a long and sophisticated domain name confusing your visitors. You should try to stay in their memory as seamlessly as possible. 

Guest posting

guest posting

If you are a brand new website and do not want to lose time to gain some popularity, guest posting is the way to go. Try to co-operate with already well-known websites by suggesting relevant and appealing content to be placed on their website by your blog. Include the link of your website several times in your article, and write at least a sentence or two to present your website to the reader. This is a perfect chance for you to communicate with the audience of an already successful website, and raise awareness of your good or service through that,

Besides a probable increase of an audience, you will be rewarded with some traffic, too. Getting backlinks as a result of posting on other companies’ websites, you are ensuring some high traffic for your website. Backlinks are quite SEO-friendly, hence, posting on authority websites’ blogs comes with numerous advantages. 

Know your competitors

competitor analysis

If you are up for a business, competition is one thing you are always going to get involved in spontaneously. This counts also for launching a website. Conduct appropriate competitor research to get an idea of what are the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals and what are your chances of overcoming them. 

Focus particularly on their content, their ways of promoting their website on various platforms of media, their SEO performance, etc. When launching your website, make sure to avoid the mistakes you notice your rivals making. This can be a strategy they fail to use to boost their SEO results, or a series of irrelevant articles they have included in their blog. Other than this, you should aspire to achieve the exemplary results they have managed to acquire. This may be an outstanding activity of their followers on social media, and the like. 

Be active on social media

Social media is where all of us indirectly spend our lives. We follow the news on Twitter, follow the politicians and the celebrities on Facebook, post our daily life stories on Instagram, talk to our friends on WhatsApp, etc. Social media has become an indivisible part of our lives. It is the place where we demonstrate consistent activity and are present most of the time.

This should be a hint for you to think of promoting your website on social media. You can use social media channels to spread the content of your website and to become more available for your customers. 

The ones who have never heard of you might familiarize themselves with your website through social media. The rest, who knew you before, will get a chance to constantly follow up with your website news. 

Final thoughts

Launching a website is essential nowadays for successfully promoting your product or service and to communicate with your customer community effectively. Get ready and start your website journey now!


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