That might sound strange but… who is my domain registrar?

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Domains are a vital component for any business aiming to operate online. A domain name is the official address of any website, without which it is impossible to create and operate one. Companies not only care about acquiring domain names in advance, but they can also wait for their desired domain for months and years or even pay very high prices for it. 

While the procedure for domain registration is simple, finding the company’s desired domain free or at a reasonable price is not always an easy task. The domain you want might be busy, as other businesses with similar company names might have taken it before. Or, your desired domain name might be available in TLD other than what you want for your website. 

There are billions of different websites globally, and the probability that your invented domain name is available is not very high. The domain should be either very unique, or you should appear very lucky to find what you want from the first try. That’s why many companies start choosing their company name by checking the similar domain name’s availability first. 

What is a domain registrar?

You have read above how vital is the role of the domain for any company. Companies brainstorm for months to come up with the final version of a short word that is going to be written in their website’s address bar. To successfully fix the ownership of a certain company over a certain domain, companies register it in the domain registrars. 

Domain registrar is the organization that reserves a domain for the applied company and the specific period fixed in the registration contract. Also, the domain registrar is the one who assigns specific IP addresses for the chosen domain name so that businesses can successfully operate their websites under it.

So, the domain registrar is the official site where you can ensure by legal force that your purchased domain belongs only to you and that third parties can not operate websites under the same domain. 

Why might I need my domain registrar if the domain is already registered?

Believe me, for many reasons. 

Registering a domain is a vital step; however, it’s only the first step of an endless chain of domain management activities. Firstly, and most importantly, you will need to renew your domain registration after the domain registration contract finishes (usually, companies register a domain for one year and annually renew it). 

Also, with time you might need to change the domain or add new subdomains for your business. It might also be the case that you are not satisfied with your current domain registrar and are willing to transfer your domain to a new one. 

All the above-mentioned and many other domain-related activities can be performed exclusively with your domain registrar. If you can not access your domain registrar or forgot or do not know who your domain registrar is (yes, it might happen), you stand at serious risk of failing to manage your website and cause significant losses to your whole company.

How can that happen that the domain owner does not remember the Registrar?

That might sound strange at first glance. However, the scenario is pretty widespread. Different companies have different procedures when acquiring domains. It might happen that the website domain was registered by the IT person who worked in the company before but does not work there now. So, the new responsible for domain-related tasks might need to understand which Registrar he should deal with. 

Domains might even be registered by third-party outsource agencies, who fall out of communication for some reason after the domain registration. Also, though this is a rarer scenario, the domain owner might simply lose track of where and when he registered his domain. 

For all those cases, read Billioname’s advice on how to find your domain registrar and adequately support your domain-related activities below.

*Also, for your future domains, try to be the one who is in charge of crucial procedures such as domain registration, and do not trust it to parties who can later disappear and leave you uncertain about an important aspect of your company. 

The probable ways of clarifying the Registrar for a particular domain

WHOIS knows all the answers

WHOIS is the database of all the registered domain names with all the essential data about them, such as registrant, Registrar, registration and expiration dates, etc. Therefore, the more trusted way to know your domain registrar is by heading to the WHOIS and typing your domain name in the search bar.

Press “Lookup,” and the system will generate data with 50+ rows in a couple of seconds, where you should scroll a bit to reach the Registrar’s section. 

For example, for, the domain registrar is the Namecheap provider. 

WHOIS is the fastest, easiest, and most hassle-free way of finding your domain registrar. However, you might sometimes experience minor inconveniences as WHOIS can not answer you the way you expect it. 

For the cases when there is no registrar information, your domain most probably is offered by resellers. To find that information, scroll further to the Raw Registry RDAP Response to see the intermediary reseller. Later, head to the resellers’ site to log in to your domain registration account or refer to support if you do not have the credentials.

Also, there might be cases when WHOIS writes a text like “Visit X webpage for the results.” In that case, simply head to the webpage you are directed to find information there. 

We hope you keep billing record and do not clear the mailbox very often

Your emails and billing records are the other way to recover your memory about your domain’s Registrar. If you were the one who registered the domain, there would surely be many confirmation emails from the Registrar, and you would surely have paid at least the initial registration fee. 

Therefore, if you did not delete all your emails or keep the billing records of all your expenses, taking a double look there might help you quickly find the domain registrar you dealt with. 

Very rarely, you might not be able to recover your domain registrar by any means. Here, you have the option of registering a new domain or waiting until your old domain will expire and you can register it again by the other account. We at Billioname are ready to assist you with the full package of domain registration and related services for both of those cases. 


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