What is a .us domain?

.US domain

What’s the difference of .COM .CO .NET .ORG and .US domain names?

There are different types of domains that serve as hosting addresses for websites, with the most common types being .COM, .NET, and .US. Let’s talk a bit about all of them to understand the differences first.

.Com – it is the most widely used domain name. Originally it was used to differentiate commercial organizations, but later it was opened for more general use and became the most common domain.

.Net – At first, it was created to use network technology websites. Now it is widely used worldwide and is popular with network providers and the advertising sector. 

.Org – It is an abbreviation from “organization” and, as you can guess, was originally planned for non-profit organizations. It is now open for any organization.

.Us – This domain is more unique than the others. It is available for US citizens, organizations registered in the US, and organizations that operate outside of America but have a presence here.

It is still a vetted domain, for which domain registrars require that applicants demonstrate either their US citizenship or a bona fide presence of their organizations in the United States. Similar tests are also applied to other country TLDs, .gov & .edu. But ICANN no longer enforces rules for .net and .org.

.us is a bit anachronistic. Most American organizations prefer to grab the .com domain that matches their corporate or popular trade name. However, if the website wants to emphasize its American origin or links with the US, the .us Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) is the right choice. Below read more details of what is a .us domain, why you should buy it, and how to use it.

Should you buy a .us domain?

So the .us domain can only be used by US citizens, organizations in the US, organizations registered in the US. You can choose the domain for some main reasons mentioned below.

Benefitting from the reputation of US quality

Suppose you want your business to be identified as American, gain a good reputation as an American organization. In that case, the .us domain is the best choice for your company, no matter the industry you work in. The USA sets the quality standards for many products and even services around the world. There is a difference between the US and other countries’ products in many ordinary daily products such as chewing gums and chocolates and technology products such as phones and computers. As the US is one of the most powerful nations and the main trendsetter for many countries worldwide, people perceive everything that is American as with the highest quality. Therefore, if users see the .us extension in your domain name, they associate it with American companies’ high-quality standards. That can be an important point of making a good impression on your potential customers before opening the website and becoming familiar with the content.

Competitive in search results

It’s easier to display the search results with the .us domain for two reasons. Firstly, most companies prefer a .com extension, which means there is less competition with those who end with .us. Therefore, if you also choose a unique domain name, your customers will most likely easily find you in search results. The same domain name registered with .com and .us will definitely face a different level of competition. 

Moreover, the .us domain is ideal if you want to reach the US market with your products or services. Not only .us, but any other country-specific TLD is displayed first in search results for the country’s citizens, regardless if they type their location in the search bar or not. In this regard, it’s one of the opportunities to appear in US-based audience screens without spending much time and effort on SEO or Google Ads. 


The prices for .us domains go in parallel to their popularity. They cost less compared to .com, .net, .org and other popular TLDs. Meanwhile note, that in the list of other countries’ TLDs, .us is not the most affordable one. For a real example, in Billioname.com, you can pay starting from 8.90$ for the 1-year registration of the .us domain. Filter the pricing list of all the available TLDs for “us” to find different prices for industrial, business, housing, and other industries. For a comparison, the registration fee for the same period starts at 12.08 for .com, 13.56$ for .org, and 16.31$ for .net. Meantime, another popular country TLD for Russia: .ru costs around 6.14$.

How to buy a .us domain?

It is a rather easy process at Billionaire. Head to the company’s website home page, type your desired .us domain name in the search bar to check the availability first. 

Type your company name with your preferred TLD and press Check. The best option for your website name would be [your company’s registered name + .us]. However, if you find it unavailable, the platform will suggest the closest available versions of it. 

If you do not like that initial suggestion as well, try to invent the variations of your company name as close as possible. Your website domain name must form strong associations in the users’ minds, as it will influence how easily they can find and identify you on the online platform. 

After you decide on the final domain name, press [Add to Cart], then [Checkout], and implement all the other steps suggested by Billioname to finish the purchase. 


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