What is the io domain?

.io domain

This article will help you to have a fundamental understanding of io domains. Together, we will challenge the benefits, functionality, and potential disadvantages of the io domains.

First, let’s understand what io stands for. The .io domain is a country code top-leveled domain(ccTLD) designed for British Indian Ocean Territory. By its definition, ccTLD domains are intended for a particular country and geolocation. Nevertheless, it is not the case with the .io domain names. In recent years io domains became widely popular among start-ups and generally in the tech industry. The term “io” itself is similar to the abbreviation of the term Input-Output widely used among computer scientists. So, practically .io domains are no longer strictly associated with ccTLD and are used globally. 

The benefits of .io domains


Domain names are abundant out there, and sometimes it is very challenging to grab the customers’ attention. It is very troublesome not to repeat others and come up with something new and original. Compared to millions of other TLDs, .io domains are very fun to work with. You can play with words and create unique names for your brand—for instance, scenar.io, portfal.io, stud.io, rad.io, b.io, to name a few. Domain hacks like this will allow you to be more innovative and come up with appealing names. Another advantage of .io domain names is that they are short. It can improve the customer experience as short and simple domain names are much easier to type and remember. 


There is tremendous competition when it comes to top-level domain names. As a result, there are a restricted number of options for choosing your domain name. 

That’s not the case with .io domains. The .io domains are getting popular, and there is a great possibility that you will be able to purchase any domain name ending with .io you want. You can look up whether your preferred domain name is available at Billioname domain name registrar. It is pretty straightforward. You just need to type the domain name in the search box to receive all the available options.


Nearly half of the domain names use .com domains. This makes them one of the most demanded domains in the market. To purchase a particular domain name with a .com can cost you thousands and even millions of dollars. In this case, .io domains can serve your best interests. They are trendy, demanded, but at this stage of their development, they are pretty affordable. Purchasing an .io domain can be a fantastic investment for the future, considering the fact that they are increasingly earning more recognition and demand.

Recognition by Google

Even though io domains are designed initially as ccTLD domains, Google views them as a generic top-level domain. Considering this, you will not have to worry about being restricted by specific geolocation, as in the case of ccTLD domains. You will be able to interact with much larger audiences globally. 

Become a part of a diverse community

The .io domains are highly associated with start-ups and the tech community. Being included in a community of innovative and visionary brands can help you reinforce your own brand. The .io domains already give an idea to your web visitors about your business or tech-related endeavor. People will recognize the purpose of your brand from your name, which is also an advantage.

Be ahead of the game 

Many reputable companies worldwide like Google and Yahoo have already purchased .io domains, even though they already had successful .com domain names. You may wonder why companies who already have globally recognized domain names are interested in .io domains. It is simple. These companies envision the progress of .io domains and initially reserve their places in the market. Remember when .com domain names first started? People who were able to purchase the most demanded domain names at the time ended up making millions. Considering the growing success of .io domains, companies like Google reserve their places to preserve their trademark, which is another reason you should consider purchasing .io domains. 

Some of the drawbacks you should consider

It is not the first domain name that will come to one’s mind. 

The first association with top-level domains is .com. The .com domain fairly earned its recognition and proper place in the market. We can not say the same about .io domains yet. The .io domains are new in the market and don’t have the level of reliability and stability that other, more reputable domains have. .io domains still have to go through a long journey to establish their position in the market. Nevertheless, consider that both .com and .io are ranked as top-level domains by the Domain Name System(DNS), which puts them in equal positions. 

Narrowed down to a specific orientation

We have already mentioned that the public links .io domains with start-up and technology. We highlighted it as an advantage, but it can have negative side effects too. You should think about your target audience. If your mission is to attract start-up developers, the .io domain would be a fantastic choice. But what if you are trying to attract clients from completely another area with no links with technology? In that case, you may pass unnoticed from the view of your potential customers. 

The .io domains increasingly earn more recognition and gradually establish stable status in the marketplace. Acquire your .io domain at Bilioname.com and use this fantastic opportunity to be ahead of the game!


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